The girl at the dispensary

I’m in an open marriage. That doesn’t mean I fuck around or am constantly trying to have sex with every girl I see. To me it means that I don’t close myself off to opportunities or experiences.  I don’t date often. In fact in the 3 years I have been in an open marriage I haven’t went on one date.

It’s not from a lack of desire but more so a lack of opportunity. I work from home so that cuts off a major source of meeting people and I don’t drink and that cuts off another major source. I smoke weed to deal with degenerating disks in my back and a narrowing spinal column and there is a girl I am interested in that works at my nearby dispensary. She is the first woman I have met that I have had legit interest in, in a long while.

We flirt regularly when I go in there but I have never pushed it past that. I’ve never asked her out or for her number because guys flirt with her all day. Plus it’s a cash business and they make tips so of course they will flirt with everyone.

Not withstanding all that I would say she finds me attractive and does flirt back. Today I went to get some weed and she was working which was a nice surprise.

We start talking as she is gathering the products I ask for and she asks if I have any big plans for the rest of the day. I figured I would press my luck and take the opportunity to find out if she had any actual interest or no.

I immediately replied with ” I have to finish up work and then bored”, implying I have nothing to do after work and would be able to hang out. Her reply “bored? Well sometimes it’s good to be bored”. Well I guess that’s that.